Yes We Are Doing It:  BISBEE. A Big Fish competition in Oct. - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The Miss Budweiser is heading to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for the BISBEE Black & Blue Marlin fishing tournament. For over 30 years this “granddaddy” tournament happens each October.  It boasts the biggest fish, more million dollar payouts, and marina festivities than any other in the world. This is it folks, there is no other sporting event like it.

There are 2 tournaments, the first is the “Little Bisbee” and we use it as a warm up. Following is “The Big Show” which lasts for 5 days. It begins with Opening Ceremonies on October 21st, followed by 3 days of tournament fishing with a shotgun start at 8 am. Each evening you can see the weigh-in between 5 and 9 pm in front of Puerto Paraiso Mall.  And on October 25th the awards and Closing Ceremonies with a celebration dinner close the tournament.
It's a great place to fish, golf, jet ski, parasail, water jet boots, quads … can even ride a camel;  in short, there is a whole lot to do and a ton of fun to be had - besides some of the best fishing in the world!   The Miss Budweiser will be in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico from October through December 2014. Take advantage and join us!   Hospitality is our tradition and we would be happy to advise you on hotels, restaurants, clubs, and fun-in-the-sun activities.


Miss Budweiser wins the Abaco Beach Blue Marlin Invitational!

Michael Flanigan, Captain Bill Davis and the Miss Budweiser Team accept their winnings at Abaco Bahamas!

Singer Island, Florida! We'll be Back January 1, 2015!

When at home in the Sailfish Marina, on Singer Island, FL.. This is a great location to charter your next adventure, the closet Marina to the Gulf Stream in Florida, excellent fishing minutes away. Easy access. Call us and we will tell you what’s biting.



And to the Winners go the Spoils!